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Step 6 Aaron's Acne Cure

Acne after skin peel for 6 daysAfter following the directions in AcneFree in 3 days and doing the Fast three separate times, my acne was really clearing up. I was sticking to the diet changes and taking daily supplements.

Now it was time to address the scarring on my face. In the Ebook, the author recommends using this cream on your face that actually peels off a layer of your skin. The product can be ordered online and the procedure can be done in your home. (No expensive visits to a dermatologist!)

The product is on the expensive side, I think I paid over $200 for the extra strength version. After seeing the results of my acne clearing up, I was convinced that whatever product this was would probably work. So I ordered it in the spring.

Here is the link for the product details:

Skin Culture Face Peel

This product has a 6-day procedure. Since it said that irritation and redness could occur, I decided to hold off until June when I got out of school. I was concerned about being in school and my face being bright red or my skin noticeably peeling off.

Aaron's Acne Before Starting TreatmentAs it turns out, when I did the 6 day procedure in June 2008, I had hardly any redness, irritation and the peeling didn't occur until the last few days. I have enough product to do the procedure again in about 6 months.

The author of Acne Free in 3 days recommends doing the peel every year.

So as you can see in my before Aaron's Acne Cure photo and the after photo above right, you can clear up your acne using natural methods, no prescriptions, no over the counter acne products and definitely no dermatologists or expensive products like Accutane.

Why wouldn't every dermatologists be prescribing the treatment that I went through to clear up serious acne? Because they wouldn't have any acne patients--since this treatment cures acne. No patients means no money.

So, try out my acne treatment plan and send me an Email to let me know how fast your acne cleared up. Visit our contact section for Email info.

Thank you for visiting and may all your days be clear days!!!

See section on Acne Treatment for more options in getting rid of your acne.

At first I didn't think that the skin peel did much. But after looking at before and after photos, I realize that it did. See photos left for how my acne looked before I developed my cure.

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