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Aaron's Acne Cure Step 2

How to get rid of your acne in 3 days

Step 2 of my cure involves buying and reading this Ebook. Although I make a small commission if you buy the book here, I would still recommend it if I wasn't making any money from it.

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Instead of spending your money on over-the-counter acne products, buy this Ebook. It will save you tons of money in the long run, since you won't need to buy any over the counter products anymore.

Aarons acne before starting cureThe first time that I read the book (about 6 months before) I thought it was too much. The steps involved combined with the change in diet just seemed to drastic and unnecessary.

After 6 months of trying one acne product after another and going to a dermatologist, I concluded that 'drastic' was probably what I needed. My acne kept getting worse by the day.

The claim in the book is that if you follow the directions exactly you could clear up your acne in just 3 days. My acne did clear up quite a bit after the first step, but I think since my acne was so severe that it took quite a bit longer to achieve total clear results.

The fast that is detailed in the Ebook involves eating all of a particular kind of fruit every day and drinkig lots of water. So if the word 'fast' scares you off because you think you won't be eating anything, rest assured you do eat a little bit of fruit. Actually in the book, it says you can eat as much of the fruit as you want.

I did the fast in the book a total of 3 times, about 1 month apart.

Below is a photo that shows the progress made during the first fast. As you can see the acne was very inflamed and red when I started. After the 3 day fast, the inflamation and redness did die down, but you can still see some of it.

If your acne is not as severe as mine was, you could probably get rid of most of it in 3 days, as the book states.

Acne cure, first fast results

Acne after fast #1, front viewI cannot emphasize how important it is to follow the instructions in the book exactly. You must do the daily cleansing as stated--It isn't as bad as it sounds. Eat as much of the designated fruit as you want.

As you can see in the photos, the acne on my forehead cleared up and the acne on my cheeks and chin was a little less inflamed.

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