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Aaron's Acne Cure Step 3


Changing diet helped to cure my acne












Step 3 to get rid of acne involves a complete change in diet.

The E-book includes a list of reactive foods that can make acne worse. I basically eliminated those from my diet.

Instead I started eating foods with little or no sugar. Now my breakfast includes oatmeal (the regular kind with no sugar), fruits and more. I stopped drinking any sodas, unhealthy snacks and sugar loaded products such as popsicles, cookies and more.

The diet change can be a little overwhelming, especially if you enjoyed eating all the sugar products. When you first start eating foods with little or no sugar, it can take awhile to adjust to the taste and even enjoy it.

But after a few months of the diet change, slowly but surely, I got used to the different tastes and started enjoying my diet. It gets even easier to enjoy eating healthier when you start seeing your face clear up.

In addition to the diet change, I started taking all the vitamins listed in the Ebook. The first month that I started taking the vitamins, it seemed like they weren't doing anything. But I had decided when I started following the 3 day acne cure that I would stick it out for at least 1 year to see if it would really work.

The problem with many acne treatments is that people try them out for a few days at a time, don't see any results, so they conclude that it doesn't work.


Step 4 involved doing a second 3-day fast.

Natural Health & Nutrition Tips










Another part of Step 3 is to start taking supplements. There are so many supplements that are vital for skin health. I followed the recommendations in the Acne free in 3 days book.

Of course before starting any diet or taking supplements, you should always check with your medical doctor to make sure that it is okay. If you have medical conditions or health problems, some changes will not work for you.

Remember that I am not a medical doctor, so I can only tell you what I did to get rid of my acne.


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